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Hedda Gabler

Southern Miss Theatre

Director: Joann Shaver

Scenic Design: Jennifer Glass

Costume Design: Taylor Busch

Sound Design: Allison Bucher

Hedda Gabler is about a deeply independent woman who finds entertainment and control by manipulating the men in her life. When she finally looses all control, she takes it back with her own life.


We decided to set this production of Hedda Gabler in 1963 to view this story through a slightly more modern lens. By bringing this story to a time of social reform, we hoped to highlight the social position of women that is portrayed in this play. Through my design I hope to portray a sense of hyperrealism, by creating a realistic basis from which certain turning points throughout the play will be heightened. This will be achieved through the use of practical sound elements, and the manipulation of silence.

Twelfth Night
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