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Twelfth Night

Theoretical Project

Director: Katie Lupica

Scenic Design: Michaela Lochen

Costume Design: Alex Heder

Sound Design: Allison Bucher

For this production of Twelfth Night, the design team created a new world for the island of Illyria. In this world, the island exists outside of time as we understand it. Instead Illyria has assimilated elements of all different time periods as they have washed onshore. The sound design for this theoretical production includes music of different time periods and and cultures and are reflective of the preferences of certain characters. For example, Orsino, the lazy romantic, has a more laid back Caribbean style of music, while Olivia's theme is of a classical style, with a pace as quick as her wit. Meanwhile Sir Andrew, Sir Toby, and Feste sing sea shanty- inspired drinking songs. 

Twelfth Night
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